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Rooftop vegetation and the problems it causes.


Are you prepared to let the vegetation continue to grow in your gutters or unseen valleys in your roof?
Check out the Church photographs above, then look at the woodwork on the inside of the roof, all caused by lack of cleaning. many areas are not able to be viewed from the ground. 

Aerial view of Damage

We can accurately display to you using photographs and video the extent of the work required or not to get rid of all the weeds and unwanted vegetation.

5 Star Service

We will photograph or video the problems with your roof then quote for the work to be done to remedy the problem.
We will then re-photograph or video your roof to show you that your roof is now in a clean state.

Remove all debris

You will not suffer the toil, trouble or even hardship if regular roof maintenance is kept as part of a routine
The growth can have some very damaging roots attached that can and will split walls apart over time.

Do you have problems?

Please don't delay, get in touch today and let us show you what you do need to worry about and also what you don't need to worry about.

Do your neighbours have roof problems?
Single house, Block or Street let us know.

In the times we are living at present, if some of your neighbours are having problems with their roofs, why not come together and have all your roofs done at the same time?
This would drastically reduce the cost for each person as we will not have to come back for individual visits, it can all be done at the same time.

If you need assistance in getting this organised, please get in touch with us and we will be only too happy to help you organise this.
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